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As Presenting Partner of the renowned marmite youngster competition, VP Bank promotes emerging young talent in the Swiss and Liechtenstein restaurant scene

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VP Bank is supporting young talent in the Swiss and Liechtenstein restaurant sector. The bank has entered into a multi-year sponsoring agreement with publishers marmite verlags ag, whose eponymous gourmet magazine stages the annual marmite youngster competition, where young people demonstrate their skills as chefs, pastry chefs, service personnel and sommeliers.

VP Bank is Presenting Partner of the marmite youngster competition. The competition aims to promote young talent in high-end gastronomy in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It was launched in 2011 by marmite verlags ag to promote talented young restaurant professionals. The entrepreneur Thomas Abegg is the publisher of marmite magazine, which was launched over 60 years ago, making it the longest-running gourmet magazine in Switzerland. With its commitment to supporting the marmite youngster competition, VP Bank underscores its efforts to promote young talent in various branches – now also in the culinary sector.

The aim of the marmite youngster competition is to shine a light on talented, young restaurant professionals and to promote them in the scene. In the meantime, this annual competition includes cooks, pastry chefs, service personnel, and sommeliers. A total of around 500 young restaurant professionals have registered for the competition in recent years. Two public events are held as part of the marmite youngster competition – the Finals and the Awards Night. At the Finals, the young professionals demonstrate their skills and at the Awards Night they find out who the four marmite youngsters are for the coming year.

Award Night 2021 ©
Award Night 2021 ©

"I am delighted that we were able to win VP Bank as Presenting Partner of the successful marmite youngster young talent competition. After all, we are both pioneers with tradition – VP Bank was founded in 1956, marmite in 1959. Together we now want to identify the high-potential pioneers who will shape the future of fine dining. I am very excited to see the creativity and spirit of our marmite young talents 2023", says Thomas Abegg. As a Presenting Partner, VP Bank plays a key role in organising the competition. "With this sponsorship, VP Bank is expanding its cultural engagement to include the culinary arts. A vibrant eating and drinking culture brings great joy to many people. We let our clients and the public share this joy with various events. I am particularly pleased that we can promote young talent in the Swiss and Liechtenstein restaurant sector," says Paul Arni, Chief Executive Officer of the VP Bank Group.

The aim of VP Bank is not only to promote talent with its sponsorship commitments, but also to support sustainable actions throughout the economy and to stimulate thought. Young chefs, for example, who are inspired by their local environment when creating their dishes, not only deal with the environment in a conscious manner, but also motivate us as consumers to do the same.

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