Digitales Onboarding

Digital Onboarding

Onboarding is now convenient and paperless

Onboarding just got easier for intermediary clients from Liechtenstein and Switzerland: with this digital solution, we are taking a step towards the future together with you.

Digital onboarding makes it convenient for your clients to open a client relationship with VP Bank online. From identification to signing contracts – it’s simple. All your clients need is a computer, a mobile phone and a stable internet connection. Below, you can read all about how digital onboarding works in detail and which requirements your clients will need to meet.

Advantages for you and your clients

  • Convenient onboarding from anywhere: You do it all online.
  • Digital: No physical signatures needed.
  • Modern and secure: The system meets all current standards.
  • Faster: Data is transmitted with the push of a button.
  • Sustainable: Eliminate mountains of paperwork.


How does digital onboarding work?

Digital onboarding allows you to open client relationships with VP Bank 100% electronically. Your clients will be identified via video call. They can sign the application forms digitally with a qualified electronic signature, which is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature. This allows you and your clients to save time and paper.

The digital onboarding process

  1. Start onboarding and enter data
  2. Review the tax data (tax domicile, TIN, W-8BEN)*
  3. Review the forms, accept the GTC and agreements*
  4. Verify identity via video call and sign digitally*
  5. Wait for VP Bank to open the client relationship
  6. If necessary: Download signed documents for personal use within 60 days*

* Steps to be completed by clients

Requirements, documents and FAQ

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The minimum amount for domicile Germany is CHF 250,000. 
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