Working in Liechtenstein

A small country with big opportunities

The VP Bank Group has its headquarters in the Principality of Liechtenstein, the financial centre in the heart of Europe. As the fourth-smallest country in Europe, Liechtenstein can be described as a real employment powerhouse, as it hosts almost as many jobs as there are inhabitants. It is worth taking a closer look at this tiny country, as there are many highlights to discover.
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The country and its people

Liechtenstein is closely linked to Switzerland through a customs treaty. This makes the Swiss franc the official currency, and the border between the two countries along the Rhine is only marked by signs. For those not familiar with the area, it is easy to cross the border without even noticing.

Would working in Liechtenstein be an attractive option for you? Then you would be interested to know that the Principality is part of the four-country region that includes parts of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The country is so centrally located that you can reach Austria or Switzerland from Lichtenstein in just a few minutes by car. This is also reflected in the number of commuters – half of the country’s jobs are done by some 19,000 cross-border commuters who travel daily from neighbouring countries to work in Liechtenstein. The public transport infrastructure is quite good, and it is easy to get to the country from abroad. The only thing you would search for in vain in this small country is a motorway; we instead use such roads with our neighbours on the Swiss side of the Rhine. Once you reach the motorway, it takes two hours to drive to Munich or just under three hours to reach Milan in the opposite direction.


More than 4,500 companies have a stable home in Liechtenstein. The country has a strong industrial and financial services sector and some 2,000 highly educated workers in the banking sector. The official and national language is exclusively German, although a variety of different dialects are spoken in the 11 municipalities. The short greeting of “Hoi” and the familiar way of interaction, including addressing others on a first-name basis, may take some getting used to if you come from abroad. Whether in the supermarket or on the street, people use first names when talking to each other – with the widespread interpretation of this being that it is a place where everyone knows each other.

Liechtenstein offers a wide variety of culinary delights, ranging from hearty, down-to-earth eateries to gourmet restaurants for refined palates. To celebrate the end of the workday, there are various stylish bars to choose from in the centre of Vaduz. The picturesque pedestrian zone also invites you to linger, with various events occurring throughout the year according to the season, including concerts, markets and the popular national holiday on 15 August.

Insider tips

  • On 15 August, there is a good chance that you will meet the princely couple on this national holiday.
  • At the Cellars of the Prince of Liechtenstein, you can sample wines with a picturesque view of the castle in the middle of the princely vineyards.
  • If you pay a visit to the Liechtenstein Treasury, you can discover the unique treasures of the world-famous Princely Collection.
  • Ever looked an eagle in the eye? At the Galina Falconry, you can experience various birds of prey up close from the end of May to the beginning of October – either by attending a birds of prey show or by going on the Eagle Adventure Hike.
  • The Gänglesee lake and the Rhine offer fishing opportunities for beginners and experienced fishermen alike.
  • The Fürstensteig hiking path is a high-altitude classic that offers many surprises along a circular trail full of contrasts and spectacular views out over the Rhine Valley.

Live and work where others go on holiday

Working in Liechtenstein is not a complicated affair – and should a permit be required, VP Bank will provide the necessary support. By the way, did you know that Liechtenstein holds a lottery for residence permits twice a year? About half of the residence permits in the Principality are issued in this way each year.

What sets Liechtenstein apart is the variety of options in such a small geographic area. Nature lovers will undoubtedly find what they are looking for. There is an enormous variety of recreational opportunities, as roughly half of Liechtenstein is made up of mountains. It is therefore hardly a surprise that hiking is one of the most popular hobbies of the people of Liechtenstein. With more than 400 kilometres of hiking trails, it has the densest network of hiking options in Europe.

It is also a great place if you are looking for fun on or in the water. The Grossabündt leisure centre and the Gänglesee lake in Steg are attractive recreational attractions and great destinations for families. If you just want to treat your tired feet to a cool dip, there are six different locations in Liechtenstein with Kneipp facilities with the option to wade through refreshing water. These are popular with the local population and help ensure healthy legs by stimulating circulation.

As the weather cools down, the Malbun-Steg ski area is transformed into a winter wonderland. Well-manicured slopes and 15 kilometres of cross-country skiing trails invite you to enjoy a wide range of sporting activities. Those who are more comfortable on foot can enjoy nature on snowshoes or go sledging. And a winter wonderland would not be a true winter wonderland without an ice rink and ice tower for ice climbing.