Lombard Loan

Lombard loan

So that you can flexibly make use of opportunities

Looking for a quick, easy way to obtain short-term liquidity? Then our lombard loan is the right option for you.

Our lombard loan is intended for investors with fluctuating or unforeseen cash requirements. With a lombard loan, you remain flexible without having to sell the assets in your portfolio, and you can continue to conduct transactions. The lombard loan is secured by collateral from your existing portfolio. This loanable value needs to be higher than the amount of the loan you would like to take out.

Lombard loans offer an array of benefits:

  • Quick, easy liquidity
  • No need to sell your invested assets
  • Appealing interest rates as the risk for the bank is minimised by the collateral of the pledge
  • Flexible repayment options for you as a borrower

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The minimum amount for domicile Germany is CHF 250,000. 
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