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Private label funds

We relieve you of the responsibility

Set up an investment fund solution under your own name. You decide the investment strategy and the fee structure, we take on the responsibility.

So why not set up a fund under your own name and outsource parts of the value chain? If you opt for a private label fund, we take care of the fund set-up and management and also provide you with the necessary advice and administrative support. All regulatory and supervisory issues, risks and responsibilities are delegated to the fund manager. In this way you lighten your administrative load and optimise the profitability of your company while enjoying a high level of process security.

Advantages of a private label fund

  • Concentration on your core business
  • Outsourcing of operational challenges and problems
  • Own investment policy
  • Own asset management
  • Outsourcing of risk management or portfolio management
  • Own fee structure
  • Own marketing
  • Own labelling
  • Delegation of regulatory and legal duties and risks

The fund competence centre of VP Bank Group

VP Fund Solutions is the international fund competence centre of VP Bank Group. As a recognised specialist in establishing and administering investment funds we offer the requisite expertise both locally and globally. Your requirements will determine the type of fund, where it is registered and the timetable.

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