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Risk management

Safeguarding trust and stability

Risk management is one of the key factors in our economic stability. We safeguard our future through effective management of capital, liquidity and risk.

We identify, value and monitor the relevant risks and manage our capital in such a way that our risk capacity is always guaranteed. We do this in the framework of our risk policy, which is determined by the Board of Directors of VP Bank Group. The risk policy subsumes the risk strategy and regulates the relevant principles, structures, methods and tools as well as the Group's targets and limits. In this way we handle each group of risks separately.


Capital management and asset and liability management

  • Monitoring of capital and asset/liability structures to comply with regulatory requirements and cover operational needs
  • Simulation and analysis of stress situations by way of defining an adequate level of capitalisation


Liquidity management

  • Monitoring of liquidity to comply with regulatory requirements and cover operational needs
  • Simulation of stress situations and analysis of their impact on liquidity


Credit risks

  • Monitoring and management of credit risks with regard to their significance for client lending business


Market risks

  • Securing comfortable levels of liquidity and capitalisation to guarantee risk capacity
  • Monitoring and management of market risks 


Operational risks (OpRisks)

  • Ongoing development of the systematic management of operational risks
  • Conduct of risk assessments at the parent company and expansion and optimisation of the existing internal control system (ICS)

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