Wealth planning

Wealth planning with confidence

As your first contact point for wealth planning, we resolve complex issues that go far beyond traditional banking.

As a wealthy individual, family office, entrepreneur or executive you are often faced with difficult questions regarding your assets. Our specialists can offer you comprehensive advice on all aspects of investment. They will analyse your overall situation, put together an investment strategy geared to your needs and formulate the best possible wealth planning solution.


Our Offering

  • Holistic investment advice taking your investment assets and your tied assets (real estate, equity in companies, etc.) into account
  • Optimal diversification of your overall asset portfolio in the form of companies, private label funds and trusts
  • Advice on succession and inheritance planning from our first-rate partners
  • Advice and support on any major restructuring of your overall asset portfolio (property sales, relocation of residence, etc.)
  • Formulation of tailor-made financing solutions in connection with wealth planning or property sales
  • Asset transformation, mergers & acquisitions, preparation of decision-making material and second opinions
  • Processing of asset consolidations and analysis of securities portfolios

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