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VP Bank is an internationally oriented banking group with focus on the development of customised financial solutions for intermediaries and private persons. In addition, the group has an international fund competetence centre.

The A registered shares of VP Bank AG are listed on Switzerland's stock market, the SIX Swiss Exchange, and can be freely traded. The stock is included in the SPI, SPI Extra, SPI ex SLI and Swiss All Share Index on the SIX Swiss Exchange. The B registered shares of VP Bank AG are not listed but are spread among the population of Liechtenstein. Both share categories confer the membership rights stipulated in the Liechtenstein Code of Personal and Company Law (CPCL) and in the Articles of Association.

At the general meeting of shareholders of VP Bank each A registered share (nominal value: CHF 10) and each B registered share (nominal value: CHF 1) confer one vote, regardless of nominal value.For many years VP Bank has operated a well-balanced dividend policy with regular distributions in order to remain attractive to investors over the longer term: as a guideline range, between 40% and 60% of Group profits is paid out to the shareholders.

The information presented here is not to be regarded as a personal investment recommendation or as a financial analysis, but constitutes a marketing communication. The ratings and analyst opinions stated are from third parties and VP Bank Ltd assumes no responsibility for them.


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Key data

Base data

Base data

ISIN LI0315487269
Securities number 31548726
Symbol VPBN
Currency CHF
Branche Banking
Sector Financial Sector
Country Liechtenstein
Exchange SWX

Key share data

Five-year summary of key financial ratios

  2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Group net income per A registered share in CHF 12.28 6.90 8.33 6.57 7.19
Shareholder's equity per A registered share in CHF 173.23 169.93 178.21 179.92 179.63
Trading price per A registered share in CHF 155.00 112.00 96.60 87.80 87.60
Market capitalisation in CHF million* 1'025 741 639 581 580
Price-earnings ratio per A registered share in CHF 12.62 16.23 11.59 13.36 12.18
Dividend per A registered share in CHF 5.50 4.00 5.00 5.00 5.00**
Dividend per B registered share in CHF 0.55 0.40 0.50 0.50 0.50**
Payout ratio (as a percentage of consolidated earnings) 44.8 % 58.0 % 60.0 % 76.10 % 69.50 %
Net dividend yield*** 3.50 % 3.60 % 5.20 % 5.70 % 5.70 %
Free float 50.14% 51.27 % 51.95% 52.51 % 53.51 %

* Including unlisted registered shares B
** Proposal to the General Meeting
*** Based on year-end closing price

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