Share Buyback

A sign of strength

VP Bank's buyback of shares on the standard trading line is completed.

On 26 June 2018, VP Bank Ltd had announced a public share buyback programme limited to a maximum of 180,000 own registered shares A with a nominal value of CHF 10 each as authorised by the annual general meeting of 24 April 2015. A total of 169,950 registered shares A were repurchased between 27 June 2018 and 28 June 2019, corresponding to 2.57 per cent of the capital recorded in the commercial register or 1.41 per cent of the voting rights.

VP Bank Ltd holds 600,847 own registered shares A and 325,969 own registered shares B (9.58 per cent of the capital and 7.71 per cent of the voting rights) directly or indirectly as of 28 June 2019. As the shares will not be cancelled, both capital structure and voting rights remain the same. The registered shares A in the portfolio are to be used for future acquisitions or for treasury management purposes.

Overview of share buyback transactions

Repurchase of registered shares B successfully completed

Purchased registered shares B Nominal value Buy back price Value date
173'067 CHF 1.00 CHF 21.30 14.08.2018


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