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VP Fund Solutions: VP Bank bundles its fund expertise

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From the beginning of August 2015, VP Bank’s fund business in Luxembourg and Liechtenstein will operate under the single name VP Fund Solutions.

VP Bank Group possesses outstanding expertise in the fund business. This business covers the entire spectrum of fund services – from planning through establishment to operational management – and has been run from the Liechtenstein and Luxembourg offices with great success for many years.

To benefit from synergies in VP Bank Group, as of August 2015, this fund expertise will be bundled under the umbrella of VP Fund Solutions. The umbrella term VP Fund Solutions allows the Group to present a uniform public image for the VP Bank Group fund business.

With immediate effect, VP Fund Solutions (Luxembourg) SA will replace the former VPB Finance S.A., which was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of VP Bank (Luxembourg) SA. The IFOS Internationale Fonds Service Aktiengesellschaft in Vaduz, domiciled as a subsidiary of VP Bank Ltd at the Liechtenstein location since 1999, will operate under the name of VP Fund Solutions (Liechtenstein) AG. The two companies employ a total of around 55 staff.

Eduard von Kymmel, Head of VP Fund Solutions and CEO of VPB Finance S.A. in Luxembourg, has been responsible for the entire fund business of VP Bank Group since January 2015 and considers it a particularly important growth segment for VP Bank: “VP Fund Solutions corresponds with our vision of appealing to clients by creating unique client experiences. The single umbrella organisation VP Fund Solutions will strengthen our public identity, further increase efficiency in the service of our clients and simplify compliance with all regulatory requirements.”