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With sustainable financial investments in the long term to more profit

Putting money into sustainable investments is a strategy that offers manifold benefits. Sustainable investments take environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into account when the investment decision is made.

This serves to improve risk management and achieve higher returns in the long run. By investing sustainably, investors can also make a positive contribution to the environment and society at large. This is exactly what our VP Bank Risk Optimised ESG Equity Funds offer.

ESG approach for sustainable investments

As well as performing a conventional risk and return analysis, investors are paying increasing attention to whether a company acts responsibly. ESG has become an established concept in the financial community as a recognised feature of sustainability and sustainable investment. Sustainability criteria are a firm component of the process we use to select financial investments. Taking key ESG factors into account in the analysis and investment decision serves to optimise the risk/reward profile associated with financial investments.


Our system for risk-optimised investing

Our portfolio structuring approach combines sustainability criteria with a risk-optimised investment style. We identify the equities that entail the lowest risk in combination with each other and combine them systematically to create a robust portfolio. Companies whose share prices feature a low level of volatility and whose business models show stable development also tend to be well managed and are less likely to breach major ecological or social standards on average. This makes it very easy to implement sustainability with a risk-based investment approach such as minimum variance (minimum volatility or risk associated with the portfolio).

Quantitative analysis
Portfolio construction
Risk Reduction

Our risk-optimised ESG investment approach is designed for the long term. For we are convinced: losing less in the short term results in greater profits in the long run. When markets are turbulent, it makes sense to suffer as few losses as possible, because minor losses are easier to make up. This is shown once again by the market distortions caused by the coronavirus.

Our funds are straightforward, easy to understand and based on a clear principle: invest in companies with the lowest fluctuation risks and an exemplary record in terms of ESG criteria.

Advantages at a glance

  • Sustainability criteria help to identify, evaluate and reduce risks.
  • Companies with higher ESG ratings tend to achieve better overall returns.
  • The combination of ESG criteria and risk optimization yields better performance in the long term.
  • With sustainable investments you provide a positive contribution to the environment and society.

Overview of ESG funds

VP Bank Risk Optimised ESG Equity B tranches BI tranches

VP Bank Risk Optimised ESG Equity Emerging Markets

LI0020062001 LI0296572683

VP Bank Risk Optimised ESG Equity Europe

LI0014803386 LI0296576148

VP Bank Risk Optimised ESG Equity Switzerland

LI0014803295 LI0296576189

VP Bank Risk Optimised ESG Equity USA

LI0523299704 LI0523299712

VP Bank Risk Optimised ESG Equity World

LI0130877371 LI0296576197


Europe, Emerging Markets, Switzerland, USA, World


(B): 1.11% p.a.

(BI)*: 0.76% p.a.


* Please contact your client advisor for more information about the requirements for subscriptions to (BI) tranches.

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