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VP Bank expands its sustainable investments offering with Sustainable Plus

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VP Bank is expanding its offering for investors who want to help protect the environment or support positive social change. This underscores the bank’s longstanding commitment to a more sustainable financial economy.

Climate change, with its disruptive effects on the environment, affects us all—investors, homeowners, tenants, employees and entrepreneurs. The growing importance of this issue is reflected in the increasing demand for sustainable investments in recent years.

As part of its careful selection process for clients’ investments, VP Bank has taken sustainability criteria into account for years. With its new “Sustainable Plus” offering, launched today, VP Bank is taking things a step further. Sustainability themes can now be smoothly added to a client’s portfolio. With a themed approach, investments can be made in a targeted manner in companies whose products or services help reduce emissions or protect the environment in other ways.

Clients can choose from five sustainability blocks in order to express their personal preferences:

  • Environment and climate action
  • Health and demographic change
  • Renewable energies and a circular economy
  • Equal opportunity, education and security
  • Sustainable infrastructure


Bonds that finance green and socially responsible projects are another portfolio component for investors. With impact investments like green bonds, social bonds and microfinance, concrete results can be achieved in the areas of climate protection and positive social change.

The new Sustainability Plus offering is available either as an asset management mandate or as part of an advisory mandate. Felix Brill, VP Bank’s Chief Investment Officer and Chairman of the Sustainability Board, says, “There are different ways of taking sustainability aspects into account in a portfolio, and investors usually want to approach it in their own way. We can accommodate individual investor preferences especially well with the new Sustainability Plus offering”.

With Sustainable Plus, VP Bank underscores its longstanding commitment to sustainability. As part of the bank’s strategic “Investing for Change” initiative, opportunities in the area of sustainability are expanding. The bank’s product range is being repositioned to offer investors access to new solutions and services.

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