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EU passport provides VP Fund Solutions with EU access for Liechtenstein-registered alternative investment funds

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Since October 2016, Liechtenstein-registered alternative investment funds and alternative investment fund managers can access the European domestic market. VP Fund Solutions benefits from this EU passport.

VP Fund Solutions, the VP Bank Group’s international funds competency centre based in Liechtenstein and Luxembourg, is a one-stop shop offering the full range of fund-related services. In addition to a number of other licences, VP Fund Solutions is a certified Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM). This license makes it possible to offer AIFM, administrative, portfolio management and risk management services for alternative investment funds.

Alternative investment funds include all undertakings for collective investments which collect an amount of capital from several investors in order to invest it according to a defined investment strategy for the benefit of same investors, and are neither undertakings for the collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS) within the meaning of the Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities Directive (UCITSD), nor investment companies within the meaning of the Investment Undertakings Act (IUA). They may include, for example, special funds and private equity, real estate or credit funds.

The EU passport gives VP Fund Solutions access to the European Economic Area/EU domestic market and makes it possible to administer and distribute alternative investment funds across borders throughout Europe. Previously, the EU passport could already be used to distribute UCITS. These funds invest exclusively in types of securities and other financial instruments which are narrowly defined by law.

With its sites in Liechtenstein (a member of the European Economic Area) and Luxembourg (a member of the EU), VP Fund Solutions benefits enormously from the EU passport. “Our comprehensive line of services can be offered from different sites and across borders and in particular enables us to offer flexible services to internationally oriented private label clients,” notes Christoph Mauchle, Head of Client Business and a member of VP Bank’s Group Executive Management.

In the AIF segment, VP Fund Solutions is recording strong demand in the real estate, private equity and private debt asset classes. For this investment segment, the team focuses on Great Britain, Italy and parts of Asia along with Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein