Interview with Caroline Rominger

VP Bank Swiss Ladies Open 2020

Caroline Rominger is a tournament ambassador for the VP Bank Swiss Ladies Open. We spoke to her about what will be a unique inaugural event, her personal relationship with the venue, and what it means to have a professional tournament in Switzerland.

The VP Bank Swiss Ladies Open marks the return of the Ladies European Tour (LET) to Switzerland after an eight-year absence. How important is that for competitive golf in Switzerland?

Caroline Rominger: I’m really looking forward to the LET’s return to Switzerland. It will be particularly special for me because I was at Losone back in 2012. There’s nothing better than playing at home.


You live very close to the tournament venue, and will be allowed to spend the nights at home for once during the competition. That’s a special combination for you …

Caroline Rominger: It certainly is! Particularly in this special season, and given the exceptional situation we are in this year, it’s great to be able to spend the nights at home. I see it as a big advantage for me, and a privilege, too. I practise a lot at Holzhäusern and feel very much at home – everyone there is always very kind to me.

This season is already assured of its place in the history books: nothing is quite like it used to be. What challenges do the COVID-19 restrictions bring for professional golfers?

Caroline Rominger: We didn’t play any tournaments until the beginning of August. That’s an unusual situation to be in, and I had to get used to it. I have spent a lot of time at home in the last few months and done a lot of practice. At the same time, though, I learnt how to deal with it quite quickly, and I have tried to do other things too, like more sponsor days and cultivating more relationships – doing the kinds of things you struggle to do in a “normal” summer, or that you just can’t do at all. Under the circumstances, I was really pleased to finish thirteenth last week in the Czech Republic. It was a great result in my first tournament post-lockdown.


Given the difficult circumstances, how have you prepared for the VP Bank Swiss Ladies Open and the resumption of the season over the last few months?

Caroline Rominger:

In July, my sports psychologist told me: “Imagine it’s February and everything is kicking off in two months’ time.” That’s the way I planned everything with my team – Andi Schwaller (sports psychologist), Bruno Griss (coach), David and Xavier (physiotherapists) and Marc Auf der Maur (fitness coach). And now the waiting is over! I’m really looking forward to it.