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25.01.2022  ·  News from the financial markets
CIO Market update: Leave portfolio unchanged despite setback

There is a good chance that the equity markets will recover in the next few weeks. 

17.01.2022  ·  Media release
VP Bank and Leonteq to collaborate on structured products

VP Bank is expanding its range of structured products. The Bank will develop and distribute new solutions in partnership with Leonteq.

14.01.2022  ·  Our View - The Questions
"Inflation worries are on the rise"

The US Federal Reserve is taking inflation seriously and will soon raise interest rates, as VP Bank CIO Felix Brill explains.

13.01.2022  ·  Investment ideas
Impact with Microfinance

How microfinance creates a big impact with small amounts. 

11.01.2022  ·  Our View
Disquiet in the bond market

The Fed signals that it is ready. So the chances are good that inflation expectations will not get out of hand. Also, the situation on the stock markets should calm down. Against this background, we confirm our tactical positioning.

11.01.2022  ·  Media release
VP Bank supports Swiss asset managers in their quest to obtain a FINMA licence with new service offering

Asset managers domiciled in Switzerland have to obtain a licence to operate from FINMA by 31 December 2022. With its expertise for intermediaries, VP Bank offers professional support in this laborious process.

04.01.2022  ·  News from the financial markets
Outlook 2022 - Betting on "transitory"

The economic outlook for 2022 is very positive. However, the speed of the recovery will depend on when shipping delays are resolved and supply chains restored to normal.

16.12.2021  ·  Media release
VP Bank and Utopia Music to partner up on music investments

VP Bank and Utopia Music agree to cooperate on investments in the service sector of the music industry. This reaffirms the Bank’s commitment to combining traditional banking with the benefits of digital ecosystems and access to novel investment opportunities to create innovative client experiences. 

13.12.2021  ·  Our View - The Questions
«A boost for the economy»

The economic outlook is challenging in the short-term. However, we expect strong economic growth in 2022, says VP Bank CIO Felix Brill.

10.12.2021  ·  Investment ideas
Rapidly growing market for bonds with an impact

Investors want to have a measurable positive effect on society and the environment with impact bonds.