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Questions and Answers for VP Bank e-banking

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please find here frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers.

Installation / e-banking update

Why is my operating system no longer supported?

Manufacturers gradually phase out older versions of their operating systems and at some point no longer provide updates or offer technical support for them. That, of course, makes the older operating systems much more vulnerable to hack attacks and malware.

Why do I need a new version of Java?

Java is an integral part of VP Bank e-banking. The manufacturer, Oracle, continuously develops Java and enhances it with new security mechanisms. Older Java versions are therefore rather open to attack by today’s more sophisticated hacking approaches. We recommend installing the latest Java version and activating the automatic updates feature.

To be sure that your e-banking installation always runs the up-to-date version of Java, we also recommend reinstalling the VP Bank e-banking application, the latest version of which can be downloaded from our website.

If you want the latest Java version to run across all applications in your system, we suggest installing it directly from the Java website:

How can I activate VP Bank e-banking?

For ease of access, an icon is automatically placed on your desktop during the installation of VP Bank e-banking. If the icon doesn’t appear, go to the e-banking directory C:\Program Files (x86)\VPBank\ebanking and establish a shortcut to the vp-ebanking.exe program. You can then drag-and-drop it to your desktop.

VP Bank e-banking via Internet browser

You can’t use e-banking via your Internet browser as VP Bank e-banking is an independent program.

An update of VP Bank e-banking has started – what should I do?

Please do not interrupt the update process. The software update will be conducted automatically as soon as a new e-banking version becomes available. You’ll benefit from its new functionalities and improvements.

You receive an error message that the “lib” folder cannot be renamed to “lib_old”.

Please restart your computer and launch e-banking again. The login to VP Bank e-banking should now present no problem.

I’m being asked if I want to permit the “javaw.exe” file. How should I proceed?

You’ve received a notice from your firewall software. Please confirm it by selecting “Always allow”. This way, VP Bank e-banking will be added to the trusted programs in your firewall and you can access it with no further inconvenience.

Username / password

Invalid username or wrong password?

Please check whether you’ve entered both your username and password correctly (case-sensitive).

Password blocked or forgotten?

Please contact the VP Bank e-banking Hotline. You will receive a new password via normal post.


How can I change my password?

You can change your password by going to the menu item Extras > password.

For reasons of security, we recommend that you change your password regularly.

Account information

How up-to-date are my current account and securities account data?

The data are updated several times a day. Securities are valued on the basis of the previous day’s closing price.

Why am I not seeing any accounts or assets under my username?

Applies only to e-banking plus users:
The user has not yet been granted the necessary access rights.
Please contact your Superuser he has to allocate the necessary users and rights appropriately .

Applies only to e-banking users:
Your e-banking agreement has yet to be allocated to a specific account. Please contact your Client Advisor.

Domestic and foreign payment transactions

Why are my recorded payments not showing up in the payment order overview?

Please examine the filter settings within the payment order overview. Set the filter “Status” to “All” and click on “Refresh”. Then, all of your payment orders will be listed.

The payment is still not showing up?

Possibly you’ve entered by mistake a standing order. Please check whether that is in fact the case by going to the menu Payment transactions > Standing orders. Then, cancel the standing order and enter a new payment order.

Why can’t I make an account-to-account transfer?

Such transfers are possible only within the same client relationship. If a transfer is not possible, please use the payment type “Internal bank transfer”.

How can I see whether or not a payment order has been executed?

The payment has been made if the relevant transaction is designated as “Executed” in the Status column of the payment overview.

The following describes in further detail the various processing statuses:

The order has been recorded and is ready for transmission to VP Bank. At this point, the order can still be changed or cancelled.

Being Processed
The payment has been transmitted to VP Bank for verification. At this point, the order can no longer be changed or cancelled by the e-banking user.

The payment has been made.

Being Verified
The order size exceeds the available funds in the account. Further processing will be accomplished by your Client Advisor.

Approval 1 Necessary
The payment must be approved by an officer with single signing authority or by two officers with joint signing authority in e-banking.

Approval 2 Necessary
The payment must be approved by an officer with single signing authority or by two officers with joint signing authority in e-banking.

May I create payment templates?

You may not create payment templates of your own, however you can copy previously compiled payment orders and make the necessary changes to the details. If you have already compiled the beneficiary’s coordinates in the past, they will be automatically stored in the Beneficiary directory and proposed by VP Bank e-banking for your selection. In the payment order mask, click on the magnifying glass next to the beneficiary field to open up the Beneficiary directory.

Why is my collective payment order not being executed and has simply stayed in “Approved” status for quite some time?

Collective payment orders are executed only six times a day. If a payment needs to be made immediately, change the collective payment order to a single payment order by clearing the tick in the "Collective payment order” checkbox.

May I enter payment orders to the debit of my savings account?

With a savings account, you can only make transfers to other accounts within the same client relationship.

How can I make transfers to another account within VP Bank?

Please use the menu Payments > New payment order > Internal bank transfer.

Standing orders

Why can’t I process all of my standing orders?

In VP Bank e-banking, all standing orders can be viewed but you can only revise or cancel standing orders that have actually been entered in e-banking. Please contact your Client Advisor, if it is not possible to revise or cancel standing orders.

Why can’t I change the execution date?

The functionality used to change the date of standing orders is by default deactivated. To activate it, click on Extras > Settings > Payments. Tick the box “Change so date”.

Can I activate/deactivate standing orders?

You can activate/deactivate standing orders by selecting the relevant standing order in the list displayed via Payments > Standing order overview and then right-clicking on “Activate order” or “Deactivate order”.


Where can I set the default directories for DTA and BESR files?

Specify the directories for DTA and BESR files via Extras > Settings > System

Why can’t I send my DTA file?

Either you’re not entitled to execute payments or the DTA file is not consistent with the prescribed standard format. Please contact the e-banking Hotline.

How can I obtain BESR data and/or LSV+ journal entries via e-banking?

The BESR data and LSV+ journal entries can be obtained via the functionality Data transfer > Download BESR files.

You need additional authorisations to download BESR files. Please get in touch with your Client Advisor.

Can I download BESR files more than just one time?

Yes, the BESR files can be downloaded up to 24 months after the fact. To do so, activate the date in the “Download BESR files” mask and search for the desired file in the list.

Securities / money market

Which securities can I trade via e-banking?

In principle, all securities can be traded via e-banking; precious metals, standardised options and futures cannot.

When are securities orders processed?

Our trading desk is occupied from 03:00 until 20:00 CET.
Securities orders received after 20:00 CET are processed in the following manner:

  • “Day” limited orders will not be executed.

  • Limited orders that are valid for a specified period will be placed on the following exchange day.

How can I determine whether a securities order has been executed?

In the menu Stock market > Stock market order overview you will see a summary of all your entered securities orders. A given order has been transacted once its status indicates “Executed”.

What do the various processing statuses mean?

Being processed
The order has been transmitted to VP Bank for verification. At this point, the order can no longer be changed or cancelled.

The order has been accepted by VP Bank and forwarded for further processing.

The order has been executed.

Partial Allocation
Until now, only a portion of the total order has been executed. The partial executions are displayed in detail in the Securities order overview.

The limited order could not be executed at the desired price by the given deadline.

Partial Expired
A portion of the order has expired.

Being cancelled
The user has entered a request to cancel the order.

The order has been cancelled either by the user or VP Bank.

Partial Cancellation
A portion of the order has been cancelled.

The order has been rejected by an authorised party.

Approval 1 Necessary
The payment must be approved by an officer with single signing authority or by two officers with joint signing authority in e-banking.

Approval 2 Necessary
The payment must be approved by an officer with single signing authority or by two officers with joint signing authority in e-banking.


e-banking Manual

Will I be notified when a fixed-term deposit matures?

Seven days before the fixed-term deposit becomes due, you will receive a notice in VP Bank e-banking.
Please bear in mind: With e-banking plus, the entitlement to receive such notices must be authorised by the Superuser.


What is e-Post?

No longer want to receive your bank statements and notices via normal post but instead have easy, direct access to them in VP Bank e-banking? Then e-Post is the right thing for you. The correspondence will be automatically delivered to you as a PDF file in VP Bank e-banking.

How can I use e-Post within the e-banking application?

So you can use the routine in e-banking, we need to receive from you a signed request for the use of e-Post (see below). Print out the appropriate document and send it to your Client Advisor.

Requests for use of e-Post

Where do I find my e-Post?

You receive it in the form of PDF files in VP Bank e-banking under e-Post > e-Post overview.

What does it cost me to use e-Post?

VP Bank makes e-Post available to its clients at no cost. For orders of additional banking documents, the generally applicable tariffs apply.

How long do my electronic banking documents remain available in e-banking?

e-Post documents remain available in the e-Post overview for 24 months.

Can I unsubscribe to e-Post?

You can cancel e-Post at any time. To accomplish that, please get in touch with your Client Advisor.

e-ordering of asset and account statements

Where do I find the asset and account statements I requested in e-banking?

You’ll find your asset and accounts statements by going to e-Post > e-Oorder overview. There, you can download the PDF files as you wish.

Please note that it can take several minutes before you can access the requested asset and account statements in the e-order overview.

How long do my asset/account statements remain available in VP Bank e-banking?

The requested asset and account statement remain available in the e-order overview for two months.

Does it cost something to order asset/account statements?

No, there is no charge for ordering asset and/or account statements.

Services / orders / notifications

How can I subscribe to VP Bank publications?

In the Subscription overview, you can choose the various VP Bank publications you wish to subscribe to. They are delivered in the form of PDF files. Simply go to the menu Services > Subscription overview and select the publications you want by right-clicking on “Subscribe”.

Your subscription is active once a checkmark appears in the column “Subscribed”.

Does it cost something to order brochures, red payment slips or publications?

You can use VP Bank e-banking to order red payment slips, publications and brochures (as PDF files) at no cost.

Where can I find messages in VP Bank e-banking?

Messages can be accessed in e-banking under Services > Message overview.

Can I also transmit orders to VP Bank via the message functionality?

VP Bank does not guarantee the execution of orders that have been entered via the e-banking notifications functionality. Please get in touch with your Client Advisor.


Can I set up “favourites” in VP Bank e-banking?

You can specify frequently used functionalities of VP Bank e-banking as favourites. Simply go to Extras > Favourites and then drag-and-drop the desired functionalities from the taskbar to the Favourites list.

What can I do when all of the columns in an overview don’t fit within the screen?

As a default, all columns are automatically displayed; however, you can define on your own which columns should be shown. Simply right-click on the given column caption and you’ll see a list of the available columns. Select the ones you want and deactivate the others by removing the tick from the checkbox.

Can I shift the columns in the overviews?

Yes, you can shift the columns by moving the cursor across the column bar, depressing the left mouse button on the column heading of your choice, and then shifting it to the location you want.

After I’ve created client groups, how can I display all clients again?

Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard and simultaneously click on the desired client group.


Why do I have a Superuser?

You have concluded an e-banking plus agreement that requires you to have a Superuser for the administration of your users.

Why is it necessary that I have a Superuser?

The Superuser is a kind of administrative user. With an e-banking plus agreement, you and the Superuser can specify, block or cancel specific users as well as allocate the necessary authorisations and clients.

Link to manual:
e-banking user administration


Mobile Token

How can I register my smartphone as a Mobile Token?

You can register your smartphone as a Mobile Token in the e-banking app. Log in as usual and select “Mobile Token” under “Services”. You can then register your Mobile Token, assign a name to it and complete the registration process, clearing it with the VP Bank Security Token. A detailed description can be found in our  instructions on how to use the Mobile Token procedure.

I wish to use the Mobile Token to log in to the mobile app on my smartphone. Why is it not working?

For security reasons, the device registered as the Mobile Token cannot be the same device that you use for e-banking. If you want to use the e-banking app on the same smartphone that is also your Mobile Token, you cannot use the procedure to log in. However, if you were to use the app on a tablet with your smartphone as the Mobile Token, for example, it is possible to use the Mobile Token procedure.

No push notification is displayed. What can I do?

If no push notification is displayed, we recommend restarting your e-banking app. The app should display all push confirmation notifications directly.

How long is the push message valid?

The push message is valid for 100 seconds. If the message is not confirmed within this time, the message "Time has run out" is shown on the e-banking client. Repeat the procedure to generate a new push message.

e-banking Hotline