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Trends make winners

Whether the business’s name is Nestlé, Apple or ABB – it always started out as a small business and took some time to grow to become what it now is: an international corporation.

Investors don’t know in advance which of today’s crop of young companies will be the largest in the world in 10 or 20 years’ time. But we do know one thing: it is the major trends that give these young companies the opportunity to grow.

This is the key idea behind VP Bank’s thematic funds. You invest in equities issued by companies that benefit from future trends. We have set up one fund each for the economic sectors of consumption, industry and infrastructure. As such, the equity funds are called VP Bank Future Citizen, VP Bank Future Industry and VP Bank Future Infrastructure. You can find out more about them in this video:

VP Bank Thematic funds

The benefits for investors – Thematic funds at a glance

  • Invest early in the equities of companies with above-average growth potential thanks to over-arching trends
  • Participate via funds in more than one trend at the same time
  • Funds invest sustainably, and the respective criteria are taken into account within international equity selection
  • Thematic funds complement a portfolio’s equity exposure

VP Bank thematic map

The VP Bank Future funds cover a total of 13 future trends. The following map allocates each fund to a growth driver and displays all 13 trends.

Thematic funds

Fund portraits

VP Bank Future Citizen fund

The VP Bank Future Citizen fund invests in companies that benefit from changes in consumption, lifestyle and society.

VP Bank Future Industry fund

The VP Bank Future Industry fund focuses on companies that benefit from technological change within the industrial and services sectors, digital transformation, the circular economy, future developments in healthcare or the increasingly strong trend towards security.

VP Bank Future Infrastructure fund

The VP Bank Future Infrastructure fund invests in companies that benefit from changes in the fields of environment and climate protection, sustainable infrastructure, renewable energy and modern mobility.

Note. The funds are subject to some restrictions on distribution.

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