Financial planning

Financial planning

Our financial plan for your security

Every new stage in life goes hand-in-hand with financial changes. Financial planning is very worthwhile if you want to ensure that events you can plan for do not end up taking you by surprise.

When preparing your individual financial plan, we are guided by your wishes, goals, uncertainties and dreams. Our expert advice gives you the security you need to plan and the peace of mind that comes with being ideally prepared for your financial future.

A financial plan sets out your future income, expenses, surpluses or income gaps, asset and tax development. With access to a holistic view of your own finances, you can calculate different options and ultimately draw up a plan that suits your personal wishes.

A good financial plan forms the basis that will give you the peace of mind you need to look forward to your retirement. During a face-to-face consultation session, our pension and financial planning experts analyse your current situation and needs. We work together to develop documentation for you to implement your goals and wishes. This financial plan will serve as a map to help you navigate financial decisions going forward. The action plan will support you and remind you to take the necessary steps in good time to shape your financial future.

Advantages of financial planning

  • The security you need to plan thanks to the inclusion of all relevant aspects of pension planning                                                   
  •  Financial optimisation (reduced expenses, increased income)
  •  The peace of mind that comes with knowing you are ideally positioned for your financial future
  •  A personal financial plan as a “map for your financial future”, allowing you to incorporate all major financial changes

Our advisory process

We are here to accompany you on the path you have carved out. As part of a step-by-step process, we develop your ideas to ensure they are headed in the ideal direction, advise you on the options available to you at key forks in the road and, in doing so, help you to reach the goal that best reflects your financial future.


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