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We stand full square behind business

As a long-serving, reliable financing partner of many SMEs in Liechtenstein and nearby Switzerland, we know the challenges you face.

We will support your entrepreneurial development, helping you to finance your business, fund your current and fixed assets and secure the liquidity you need.

In your succession planning we will stand by you as an independent coach, providing you with highly professional help in evaluating the various potential solutions and making your final choices.

Our services

Fixed Advance

Do you need capital temporarily? Our Fixed Advance is a good way to meet your short-term liquidity needs. It can be used to optimise your cash management. The interest rate you pay is set when the advance is paid out and remains the same for the agreed duration. The interest rate is calculated on the basis of short-term money market interest rates* plus a margin that depends on your credit rating and the duration of the advance. At the end of that duration you repay the full amount of the advance. A Fixed Advance can also be rolled over.


  • Liquidity generated for operational purposes
  • Precisely calculable thanks to fixed interest rate
  • No loan commission



  • Lock-in for the loan duration




Minimum amount CHF 150,000
Interest rate

Fixed interest rate for the agreed duration – Contact our specialists so that, together, we can find the best possible terms for you.

Interest payment date

At maturity or, if loan duration exceeds one year, annually

Loan repayment

Repayment possible on expiry of agreed duration

Termination at any time; termination before fixed interest loan expires is possible only against payment of the appropriate compensation.


*The interest rate calculation is based on alternative reference rates (ARRs) which have replaced the former LIBOR rates.


Are you keen to cover your borrowing requirements over the medium to long term? With a VP Bank loan serving as an investment loan you can invest over the long term in fixed assets such as vehicles, machinery, IT infrastructure and operational facilities. The interest rate you pay is based on current market terms and may change over the duration of the loan. This duration is geared to the period for which you require funding. The loan is repaid over the agreed duration.


  • Maturity-matched funding
  • Cover for additional liquidity requirements
  • Capital investments can be purchased with immediate effect
  • Repayment schedule geared to individual borrowers
  • No loan commission


  • For the duration of your overdraft the interest rate is subject to market forces with no upper limit.


Interest rate variable
Interest payment date quarterly
Repayment regular, equal instalments defined before the loan is paid out.
Termination possible at any time


Current account overdraft

Does the balance on your business current account fluctuate seasonally? Do you frequently have to pre-finance orders? Would you prefer to pay interest only on the credit you actually draw down? When we grant you a current account overdraft, we make an amount of money available to you for a definite or indefinite duration by allowing you to use funds from your account beyond your actual balance up to an agreed overdraft limit. You can draw down this money all in one go or in multiple partial amounts.


  • Interest is charged only on the amount of the overdraft actually used and only for the time it is used.
  • You are fully flexible, with no restrictions on using the overdraft within the upper limit.
  • This means you maximise your entrepreneurial room for manoeuvre.


  • For the duration of your overdraft the interest rate is subject to market forces with no upper limit.
  • For businesses with sound finances and good prospects of future success



Variable interest rate plus a loan commission of 0.250% per quarter of the average amount of your overdraft drawn down

Interest payment date quarterly
Loan repayment possible at any time
Termination termination possible at any time


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The minimum amount for domicile Germany is CHF 250,000. 
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