Estate planning

Estate planning

An individual plan for your own estate – because today’s decisions affect tomorrow

Professional estate planning is crucial if you want to ensure that your assets are passed on in an orderly fashion. We work hand-in-hand with our partners to ad-vise you on all matters relating to your estate so that your assets are passed on to your heirs as you would have wished.

The complexity of what happens after a death varies depending on an individual’s marital status, family and financial situation. At any rate: anything that was planned while the person was still living makes the situation for the heirs more straightforward.

The extent to which you can distribute your own estate based on your own wishes is subject to statutory restrictions. In the majority of cases, however, there is considerable leeway for making adjustments based on your own wishes. This applies all the more so in cases involving complex family and financial situations.

Nowadays, physical assets can be digitally tokenised. This offers several advantages. First, it makes transferring ownership and partial ownership straightforward and inexpensive. Second, the new technology allows for greater flexibility. This is because the assets can be distributed among several individuals as an initial step, without other beneficiaries necessarily having to receive a payout. If need be, it is also easy to swap owners around at a later date, as corresponding tokens are simply added to the portfolio just as conventional securities would be.

Structured estate planning can avoid or alleviate a large number of complications. When it comes to their own death, people generally tend to procrastinate too often and for too long. If measures are taken too late, this can ultimately lead to the assets not being passed on as the individual might have wished.

The advantages for you

  • Independent and comprehensive estate planning, taking account of your wishes and the legal options available
  • Support in the planning process (content of contracts, wording and formal requirements)

Our expertise

Our experts and partners are on hand to support you with their expertise and experience and to provide you with comprehensive advice on pension-related matters. In addition to our financial and retirement planning, estate planning is a key aspect you will want to address if you want to enjoy peace of mind as you look ahead. As part of the estate planning process, our experts illustrate how your inheritance would be handled by law if no measures were taken. Based on your personal wishes and the legal options available, the next step involves working with you to plan the optimisation measures and implement them in the right form (marriage/inheritance contract, will).


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