Pension analysis

Pension analysis

Our pension analysis identifies and fills any existing insurance gaps

In our pension analysis, we review the insurance cover you have for key risk cases. This protection makes a key contribution to ensuring that you can maintain the standard of living you have become accustomed to, even in difficult situations. Ensuring a watertight pension plan means being able to safeguard your financial goals against external influences and turn them into a reality.

Our experts will provide you with an overview of your current pension insurance situation. We then explore the major risks of invalidity, death and old age. Anyone who starts a family or buys a property takes on considerable financial commitments. Death or invalidity generally result in a sharp drop in income. The question as to whether you can maintain the standard of living you have become accustomed or remain in your own home then depends to a decisive degree on whether the insurance gaps are covered by private insurance.

Any insurance benefits you receive under pillars 1, 2 and 3 must be compared with your expenses. This income after a risk event (invalidity, death, old age) will usually be lower than your expenses. You can use private insurance to fill the income gap.

We calculate the benefits for you in the various risk cases, taking accident or illness into account, and propose optimum cover to fill your insurance gaps, without this advice being tied to a specific provider.

The advantages for you

  • Calculation of insurance benefits for claims due to illness and accidents for the risks of long-term occupational incapacity and death 
  • Independent insurance comparison of potential providers and recommendation for the implementation of the necessary insurance cover

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