Investing in the future of energy: VP Fund Solutions successfully launches new private label fund product

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The VP Fund Solutions team successfully launched the umbrella "DOGMA Funds" with its sub-fund "Renovatio Equity Fund" at the beginning of May 2024.

With a focus on the dynamic development of the energy sector, this fund offers the opportunity to benefit from forward-looking trends. The investment decisions are made by MRB Fund Partners AG in Zurich.

This mutual fund (UCITS V) is strategically positioned to benefit from the dynamic development and transformation of the energy theme. This particular investment strategy involves a global allocation to around 50 carefully selected companies through a comprehensive mix of stock picking and tactical top-down criteria determined by the portfolio manager.

This fund product makes it possible to invest in forward-looking trends.

Wolfdieter Schnee Head Fund Client & Investment Services

Danilo Onorino, fund manager at MRB Fund Partners AG: "We believe that a global economic realignment has passed the point of no return and that a different investment approach is required in order to generate sustained returns and market outperformance in the coming decades. Dogma Renovatio Equity Fund empowers investors with a data-driven approach, providing greater transparency, predictability, and risk management compared to traditional investment strategies."

Wolfdieter Schnee, head Fund Client & Investment Services at VP Fund Solutions: "This fund product makes it possible to invest in forward-looking trends. We are delighted that we were able to contribute to the successful joint launch of this dynamic fund on the basis of our proven, long-standing partnership with MRB Fund Partners AG thanks to our flexible infrastructure."

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