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Notice to shareholders of the Fund Global Investors – Ethica Balanced.

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The board of directors of the Fund (the "Board") would like to inform you that it has decided to amend the prospectus of the Fund Global Investors – Ethica Balanced.
  1. Investment Adviser for Global Investors  – Ethica Balanced (the "Sub-Fund")

Multiplus Finance SA has been appointed as Investment Adviser of the Sub-Fund as at XX Month 2023.

The Investment Advisory Fee of the Sub-Fund for Class A & Class B is 0,50% per annum.  


  1. Management Fee for Global Investors  – Ethica Balanced (the "Sub-Fund")

The Management Fee of the Sub-Fund has been reduced as follow:


Former rate

New rate

Class A

Max. 0,59% p.a.

Max. 0,09% p.a.

Class B

Max. 0,89% p.a.

Max. 0,39% p.a.

Please note that as the Management Fee reduction compensate the new Investment Advisory Fee, there is no fee impact for the shareholder.


These changes will be reflected in the Prospectus to be dated 15th June 2023, a copy of which is available free of charge at the registered office of the Fund.


Yours sincerely,


The Board of Directors of the Global Investors,

Société d’Investissement à Capital Variable

Global Investors
Société d’investissement à capital variable
Registered office: 2, rue Edward Steichen, L-2540 Luxembourg
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