VP Bank Experience - Studio Live Session with Jan SEVEN Dettwyler

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On Thursday, 23 November, the first VP Bank session with Swiss artist Jan SEVEN Dettwyler took place at Little Big Beat Studios. The mood and emotions were captured on site and immortalised on an original record master. By tokenising this unique record, VP Bank is making these values investable.

VP Bank's sponsorship strategy also focuses on the theme of music. In cooperation with Little Big Beat Studios, it has created its own music platform - the VP Bank Session. To kick off this new series, Adrian Schneider, Head of the Liechtenstein Region, welcomed Swiss artist Jan SEVEN Dettwyler to the Little Big Beat Studios. Numerous guests enjoyed a unique and atmospheric evening.

Tokenised Original Record Master

The event was a musical highlight of a special kind, because in addition to the thrilling performance of Jan SEVEN Dettwyler, the audience was in the middle of a professional live studio session. The music, the mood and the emotions were captured on analogue tape in the studio and immortalised live on an original master record made from a blank lacquer. There are 100 limited edition vinyl records of this master, which are offered for sale. All art covers on the record were printed by hand. Each of the 100 copies is unique and has been numbered from 1 to 100. The number 00 is the original vinyl master. After the performance, Jan SEVEN Dettwyler exclusively signed the reservation certificates. With the purchase of the limited vinyl record, buyers also received a token on the unique copy, the original record master of the VP Bank session. The tokenisation of a record is something new and innovative and has never been done before in this form anywhere in the world. Some of the limited vinyl records can be reserved at the Little Big Beat shop

VP Bank Session

Innovative investment vehicles from VP Bank

Blockchain technology allows physical assets to be mapped digitally. Real assets, such as works of art or the aforementioned original record master, can be divided into any number of tokens through tokenisation. Each token represents a specific share of a physical asset and embodies enforceable ownership claims, similar to a traditional security. With its tokenisation solutions, VP Bank is demonstrating its innovative strength and combining the new with the traditional.

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