Corporate governance & remuneration

Trust: one of the keys to success

Exemplary Corporate governance is an important factor for reputation and success in a competitive environment and helps to boost the company's value.

Corporate governance means responsible management and control of the company. The Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance defines corporate governance as encompassing "the full range of principles directed towards shareholders’ interest seeking a good balance between direction and control and transparency at the top company level while maintaining decision-making capacity and efficiency".

Good corporate governance ensures transparent management geared to long-term success. It should not just serve the company and its shareholders but should also benefit external stakeholder groups. The scope and framework for corporate governance are largely defined by the lawmakers and the shareholders, whereas the form it takes in practice is the responsibility of the Board of Directors.

VP Bank Group is at pains to gain the trust of all stakeholder groups. For that reason it will always act fairly, transparently, with integrity and responsibly, giving its stakeholder groups meaningful information on its own decision-making and control processes. For example, for many years now VP Bank Group has voluntarily published information on its overall strategy and its relations with its stakeholders.

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