Contactless Payment

Contactless payment

You deserve more than just a card

VP Bank credit cards now combine the benefits of two cards in one: cashless and mobile payments coupled with worldwide acceptance and the ability to make payments online.

VP Bank credit cards are accepted wherever Mastercard is – when paying in shops, buying products from online stores or withdrawing cash from ATMs. With a credit card (also known as charge card) you receive a monthly electronic statement, available to view digitally at any time. The total amount or your transactions is debited from your VP Bank account once a month and as long as the balance is paid in full, no interest accrues.

Features and benefits at a glance

  • Global acceptance
  • 24/7 cardholder support
  • Mastercard Travel Rewards
  • Broad insurance coverage
  • Range of cards with different features
  • Cash withdrawal at an ATM
  • Online payments
  • Contactless and mobile payments
  • No interest charges

Security is what it’s all about

A latest-generation chip with PIN function and a modern early warning system in the event of suspicious transactions guarantee you ideal security when paying. For your online purchases, we use 3-D Secure, the highest international security standard for online card payments. With 3-D Secure, you authorise your payments via an app. This proof of identity protects your bank account from unauthorised access.

Prefer to use Apple Pay or Garmin Pay?

This is also possible. When shopping, you no longer have to use keypads or have cash or cards at the ready. Just load your credit card in the wallet app of your mobile device (smartphone or smartwatch). With your NFC-enabled smartphone or wearable (including iPhone, Apple Watch or Garmin wearable devices), you can make contactless payments securely and conveniently. Look for the symbol for contactless payment as well as for the Apple Pay or Garmin Pay logo (depending on the device you are using).

Apple Pay Garmin Pay

Paying in shops

With Apple Pay or Garmin Pay, you can pay at all contactless-enabled payment terminals worldwide conveniently and securely. Simply hold your smartphone or wearable instead of your debit card up to the payment terminal and follow the instructions on your device.

Paying in apps and on websites

With Apple Pay, you’ll pay more quickly and conveniently in apps and on the web, because you don’t need to create any more accounts or fill in any complicated forms. In order to pay on your smartphone or tablet in apps and on websites, choose Apple Pay when you go to check out and confirm the payment with Face ID or Touch ID. On your Mac, confirm the payment using your smartphone or smartwatch.

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