Structured Products

Structured Products

Using structured products to manage the opportunities and risks of the capital market

Tailor-made investment solutions can be created for investors with structured products, even in challenging market environments.

Structured products are innovative and flexible investment instruments that represent an exciting alternative to direct investments, the design of which can be individually tailored to the investor’s risk and return expectations. The construction of these investment solutions offers an opportunity to participate positively in both sideways and rising markets.Furthermore, capital protection solutions even make it possible to anticipate the effects falling markets.

Structured products combine traditional financial assets such as bonds or equities with derivative instruments. Derivatives are forward transactions or options based on specific underlying assets such as equities, currencies or commodities.

Tailor-made solutions

Our objective is to develop an investment solution that is individually tailored to your personal risk profile and investment strategy, because not every product suits every client. As an experienced partner, we know the advantages that structured products can create for you and present you with optimisation opportunities that are perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Structured products offer you the following opportunities

  • There is a right solution for every market environment and risk profile.
  • Implement your individual investment idea.
  • Unlike for direct investment, the risk can be controlled systematically.
  • Every asset class becomes investment-grade.
  • High liquidity due to prices generally provided at any time.

We focus on the following product categories

Capital protection

  • Repayment at maturity is at least equal to the amount of the capital protection.
  • Capital protection refers only to the invested capital and not to the purchase price.

Return optimisation

  • If the underlying is above the initial value at maturity or if the barrier has not been touched, the investor receives the maximum repayment amount corresponding to the nominal invested.
  • Any coupon received by the investor as a result of the investment will be paid out irrespective of the performance of the underlying.
  • In a downward trend, the investor has a risk buffer that extends to a maximum of the barrier (barrier reverse convertible, BRC)


  • Investment in the price performance of the underlying. The performance of the underlying is reflected in the participation.

Come and explore the world of structured products and discover the multifaceted potential of this exciting investment category.

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