marmite youngster

marmite youngster

First-class cuisine from young talents

marmite youngster promotes top young restaurant talents in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Independent, innovative, committed to enjoyment. As Presenting Partner, VP Bank supports the competition and the next generation of Swiss and Liechtenstein gastronomy.

The aim of the competition is to give ambitious young restaurant professionals the attention they deserve for their work and to promote them in the scene. In the meantime, this annual competition includes cooks, pastry chefs, service personnel, and sommeliers. A total of around 500 young restaurant professionals have registered for the competition in recent years.

As a Presenting Partner, VP Bank plays a key role in organising the competition. Its sponsorship provides long-term support for young gastronomical talent. "With this sponsorship, VP Bank is expanding its cultural engagement to include the culinary arts. A vibrant eating and drinking culture brings great joy to many people. We let our clients and the public share this joy with various events. I am particularly pleased that we can promote young talent in the Swiss and Liechtenstein restaurant sector", says Paul Arni, Chief Executive Officer of the VP Bank Group.

For more information about the marmite youngster competition, visit their website.

marmite youngster

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