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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please find here frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers.

Access to the WebClient

How can I start VP Bank e-banking?

VP Bank offers access via web directly to the client portal. Please use your browser to open www.vpbank.com and click the ‘Login’ Button.

Is it possible to change the pre-set log-out time?

Yes. This can be done via Preferences > Security > Automatic log-out. A number of different times are available.

Supported browsers

Why is my browser no longer supported?

VP Bank wishes to offer you the highest possible security while using our electronic services. Security updates are no longer available for older browser versions. Furthermore, manufacturers no longer provide technical support. Older browsers are therefore more prone to hacker attacks or malware.

Username / password

The system displays the message «invalid username» or «wrong password». What does that mean?

Please check whether you have entered the user name and the password correctly. Please observe capital and lower-case letters.

I have forgotten my password or it was blocked. What can I do?

If you have forgotten your password or if it was blocked, please contact the VP Bank e-banking hotline.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password by going to the menu item User name > Settings. For security reasons, we recommend changing your password on a regular basis. Use at least 8 characters for your password and use a mix of capitals and lower-case letters, punctuation and figures. Never use words that might appear in a lexicon.

Account information

How up-to-date are my account and securities account data?

These data are updated step by step. Securities are valued based on the previous day’s closing price.

Why do I see no accounts or assets under my username?

Applies only to e-banking plus users:
The user has not yet been granted the necessary access rights. Please contact your superuser who must allocate the necessary clients and rights to the user.

Applies only to e-banking users:
No accounts have been allocated to your e-banking agreement yet. Please contact your client advisor.

How do I display the interest rates in the asset summary?

The interest rates can be found in the "Custom" tab. It is not possible to display them in compact mode.

Are fixed-rate mortgages shown in the maturity list?

All loans, including mortgages, are shown under "Maturities".

Can you order asset statements on a mobile device?

Asset statements can be ordered on a mobile device via e-banking (Web Client).

Domestic and foreign payment transactions

Why are my recorded payments not displayed in the payment order overview?

Please check the filter settings in the payment order overview. Set the filter «Status» to «All» and click on «Refresh». Set the period according to your needs. You will then see a list of all payment orders.

Is the cost summary also displayed for foreign payments?

No. The cost summary is only displayed for stock exchange orders.

My recorded payment is still not showing, despite a check of the filter settings?

Perhaps you have entered a standing order, by mistake? Please check by going to the menu Payment transactions > Standing orders.
Then, cancel the standing order and enter a new payment order.

Why am I unable to make an account-to-account transfer?

Account-to-account transfers are possible only within the same client relationship. If a transfer is not possible, please use the payment type «Internal bank transfer».

How can I see whether or not a payment order has been executed?

The payment has been executed if the relevant transaction is identified by the status «Executed» in the payment transaction overview. For more descriptions of the various processing statutes, please see below:

The payment order was recorded and is ready for transmission to VP Bank. At this point, the order can still be changed or cancelled.

Being processed
The payment has been transmitted to VP Bank for verification. At this point, the order can no longer be changed or cancelled.

The payment has been made.

Being verified
The order size exceeds the funds available on the account. Any further processing will be accomplished by your client advisor.

Approval 1 necessary
The payment must be approved by an officer with single signing authority or by two officers with joint signing authority in VP Bank e-banking.

Approval 2 necessary
The payment must be approved by an officer with single signing authority or by two officers with joint signing authority in VP Bank e-banking.

May I create payment templates?

You may not create payment templates, but you may copy previously recorded payments and supplement the necessary details. If you have already entered a beneficiary for a previous transaction, it will be automatically stored in the beneficiary directory and proposed by VP Bank e-banking for your selection. In the payment order mask, click on the magnifying glass next to the beneficiary field to go to the Beneficiary directory.

Why is my collective payment not being executed and has stayed in the «Approved» status for a longer period of time?

Collective payment orders are executed only six times a day. If a payment needs to be made immediately, change the collective payment order to a single payment order by clearing the tick in the «Collective payment order» checkbox.

May I enter payment orders to the debit of my savings account?

From your savings account, you may only make transfers to other accounts within the same client relationship.

How can I make transfers to another account within VP Bank?

Please use the menu Payments > New payment order > Internal bank transfer.

Is foreign exchange trading possible?

No. At present, foreign exchange trading is only possible by means of account transfers.

Why am I unable to change the execution date?

The functionality used to change the date of standing orders is, by default, deactivated. In order to activate it, click on your User > Settings and change the standing orders rule.

Is it possible to enter beneficiaries yourself?

No. New beneficiaries are automatically included in the list of beneficiaries once a payment has been executed successfully.

Does the LSV (direct debit) summary also show credit cards?

Yes. Credit cards are shown in the LSV (direct debit) summary. At present, credit cards cannot be managed via e-banking.

Standing orders

Why am I unable to process all of my standing orders?

VP Bank e-banking displays all standing orders. But you may only revise or cancel standing orders which you have actually entered in e-banking. Please contact your client advisor if you are unable to revise any standing orders.

Can I activate / deactivate standing orders?

You can activate / deactivate standing orders by selecting the relevant standing order in the menu under Payments > Standing order overview and then right-clicking on «Activate order» or «Deactivate order».

ISO-20022 and QRR

Can I obtain QRR data via VP Bank e-banking?

QRR data can be obtained via the Payment - QRR function. Prerequisite - The delivery of these files must be activated initially. Please contact your client advisor.

Stock market / money market

What securities can be traded via VP Bank e-banking?

In principle, all securities can be traded via VP Bank e-banking; to the exclusion of precious metals, OTC options and Futures.

When will securities orders be processed?

Our trading desk is available from 03:00 am until 10:00 pm CET.
Securities orders placed after 10:00 pm will be processed as follows:

  • ”Day“ limited orders will not be executed.
  • Orders that are valid for several days will be placed on the following exchange day.
How can I recognise whether a securities order has been executed?

In the menu Stock market > Stock market order overview, you will see a summary of all your securities orders. Any order has been transacted once its status indicates «Executed».

What do the various processing statuses mean?

Being processed
The order has been transmitted to VP Bank for verification. The order can no longer be changed.

The order has been accepted by VP Bank for further processing.

The order was executed.

Partial execution
Only a portion of the total order has been executed until now. The partial executions are displayed, in detail, in the Securities order overview.

The order could not be executed at the desired price by the given deadline.

Partially expired
A portion of the order has expired.

Being cancelled
The user has entered a request to cancel the order.

The order has been cancelled either by the user or by VP Bank.

Partial cancellation
A portion of the order has been cancelled.

The order has been rejected by an authorised party.

Approval 1 necessary
The order must be approved by an officer with single signing authority or by two officers with joint signing authority in VP Bank e-banking.

Approval 2 necessary
The order must be approved by an officer with single signing authority or a second officer with joint signing authority in VP Bank e-banking.

Will I be informed when time deposits are due?

You will receive a message in VP Bank e-banking seven days prior to the maturity of any time deposit.

Note: In e-banking plus, the authorisation for messages on maturities must be allocated by the superuser.


What is e-Post?

You do no longer wish to receive your bank statements by normal post, but conveniently retrieve them in VP Bank e-banking? Then, e-Post is the right choice for you. Correspondence will be automatically delivered to you as a PDF file in VP Bank e-banking.

How can I use e-Post in VP Bank e-banking?

In order to be able to use e-Post in VP Bank e-banking, we need to receive a signed application for the use of e-Post. Please use the below application. Simply print the document and send it to your client advisor.

Applications for use of e-Post

Where can I find my e-Post?

You will receive your e-Post in the form of a PDF file in VP Bank e-banking under Documents > Banking statements.

What will it cost to use e-Post?

VP Bank provides its clients with e-Post free of charge. The generally applicable fees will apply to orders for additional bank statements.

For how long will these electronic banking documents be available in VP Bank e-banking?

e-Post documents will be available for 24 months under banking statements.

Can I unsubscribe to e-Post?

You can cancel e-Post at any time. Please contact your client advisor to do so.

e-ordering of asset and account statements

Where do I find the asset and account statements I requested in VP Bank e-banking?

You can find your asset and account statements in the menu e-Post > e-order overview. You may download the PDF files there. Please observe that it might take a few minutes before you can retrieve the requested asset and account statements.

For how long will the asset and account statements be available in VP Bank e-banking?

The requested asset and account statements remain available for two months.

Is there a charge for ordering asset and account statements?

There is no charge for ordering asset and account statements.


Where can I find messages in VP Bank e-banking?

Messages can be retrieved in the e-banking message overview.

Can I also transmit orders to VP Bank via the message functionality?

VP Bank will not execute any payment or securities orders which have been placed in an e-banking message. Please use the function available for that purpose in e-banking.

How secure are my messages?

Text and document exchange is secure because it takes place directly using an encrypted connection with VP Bank (end-to-end encryption) and not via an external e-mail provider.

Do I also have to send the original in paper form by post to my client advisor?

No, this is not required, unless it is expressly necessary for the documents to be submitted in writing (e.g. loan documents).

Do I have to log in to the client portal to see if I have received a message?

No, you can be notified via the e-banking app.

Can I also download and print attachments that I receive from my client advisor using the extended message function?

Yes, this is possible. As a client, you can now also upload attachments and send them to your client advisor. Both options apply to the following formats: DOC (X), XLS (X), PPT(X), PDF, PNG and JPG.

How do I receive notifications of account movements or stock market executions by e-mail or mobile phone?

The notification function can be set up by the user. You can find the instructions here.


Why do I have a Superuser?

You have concluded an e-banking plus agreement. Your superuser controls the users.

Why do I need the superuser?

The superuser is a kind of administration user. You may use the superuser to create, block or cancel users or to allocate the necessary rights and clients under an e-banking plus agreement.

Link to the manual:
User manual

VP Bank Connect

What is the VP Bank Connect app?

VP Bank Connect is a safe, free and independent login procedure for the VP Bank client portal. It is an additional security feature that reinforces the integrity of your user name and password. The app is based on asymmetric encryption. The connect code is used to create a connect token on your mobile device. The token is then used to digitally sign your login requests and payment orders. As a result, the VP Bank app can verify your digital signature.

Why do I need the VP Bank Connect app?

Secure connections in the client portal are a key concern for all of us at VP Bank. To ensure the highest possible standards, we always need to make use of the latest developments in security technology.

How do I scan the code?

Point the camera lens at the connect code. Make sure that the camera lens is not obstructed (by the cover or your hand, for example). Do not move the camera directly over the code. Instead, hold your mobile device about 20 cm above the code.

Do I need to be online in order to use the VP Bank Connect app?

Yes, you do. The service shall not be available, however, if a manipulation is detected while you are in the process of establishing a secure connection.

The camera on my mobile device won’t focus.

Check to see if the camera focuses in the standard photo app. If not, carefully tap your finger on the camera or restart the device. If the camera does not focus in the VP Bank Connect app, please contact VP Bank (eservices@vpbank.com).

My mobile device screen is black.

Make sure that the camera lens is not obstructed (by the cover or your hand, for example). Raise your mobile device and point the camera lens at the connect code.

The scanning operation doesn’t work.

Try to hold your mobile device as steady as possible. Check whether the lens of your mobile device is obstructed (by the cover or your hand, for example), or if it is dirty. Make sure that the connect code on the card is not creased and that the card is not excessively dirty. In order to scan the connect code successfully, the card with the connect code must be evenly lit. Lay the card on a table and hold the camera of your mobile device centrally, about 20 cm above it.

The message “No connect code” appears when I’m scanning.

Make sure you are scanning the correct code. Please contact VP Bank (eservices@vpbank.com) if the connect code does not work.

The message “Already registered” appears when I’m scanning. What should I do?

This code has already been activated on the device you are currently using. You do not have to do anything further. You can view the registered tokens under the “Connect token overview” feature on the menu.

The connect code can only be registered once. If you wish to change the name of the connect token, you must first delete the old connect token and then re-scan.

I have deleted the token and can no longer find my card. What should I do?

Order a new connect code from your client advisor or via eservices@vpbank.com.

I have creased / dirtied the card with the connect code. What should I do?

Try to clean the card. If it is damaged, please contact VP Bank (eservices@vpbank.com) and order a new code.

I can’t find my connect card. What can I do?

In the event of loss, order a new connect code using VP Bank e-banking or from your client advisor. Once you have received the new connect code, delete the old token and create a new one.

What do I need to do if I lose my mobile device?

If you have a second connect token, please log in to the client portal and delete the code intended for the device which has been lost. In all other cases, please contact VP Bank (eservices@vpbank.com).

Can I only use the VP Bank Connect app with a mobile device?

Yes, the app is only intended for use with mobile devices. When you log into the client portal on your computer, the app is used as a means of authentication on a mobile device.

Does the user contract enable me to use more than one mobile device to log in?

Yes, simply install the connect code on multiple devices and you can use all of them to log in or for the release for use procedure.

Can I use the same mobile device to log in if I have several different contracts with you?

Yes, simply install the connect codes specified in the contracts on one device and you can use it to log in to any contract.

I don’t have a connect code. How can I get one?

If you are a VP Bank client and can access our client portal, please contact your client advisor. This service is offered solely for VP Bank clients.

If you have already ordered the connect code, please note that delivery may take several days.

If you have received the letter without the card, then please contact VP Bank (eservices@vpbank.com).

What is the difference between a connect code and a connect token?

The connect code is the security feature contained in an orange envelope which you receive from VP Bank. It is used to create a connect token.

The connect token is the security feature that your mobile device creates when you scan the connect code and assign a name to it. Solely the connect token is required for authentication.

Can I also use the VP Bank Connect app when I’m abroad?

Sure, no problem. If the connection is manipulated by an unauthorised third party, we shall automatically detect this and will not establish a connection. You will then be required to choose a different network connection.

In addition to the VP Bank Connect app I also wish to keep my security token. Is that possible?

No, unfortunately. By opting for the VP Bank Connect app you have chosen a much more secure and faster login variant. You cannot use both the VP Bank Connect app and the security token at the same time. Consequently, when you activate the connect code, the security token is automatically disabled and therefore cannot be used.

You can dispose of your security token as follows:

Either hand it over to your client advisor on your next visit to VP Bank or dispose of it as electrical waste at a recycling site.

Do I still need my connect code after the first time I register with the app?

After your successful registration you are no longer required to use the connect code. However, the connect code ensures your personal access and can be reused, for example, if you wish to register the connect code on another device. For this reason, we recommend that you carefully keep your connect code and bank documents in a safe place.

I want to delete an existing connect token.

You can view your registered tokens under Settings / Connect Token on the menu of your mobile banking app and delete them from there.

I wish to pass on or sell my device – how can I ensure that my connect token is no longer on it?

First, delete the token as described in the section above. Then uninstall the VP Bank Connect app and restore your device to its factory settings.

How can I transfer the VP Bank Connect app from my old to my new device?

Log in to the client portal and reactivate your card for a further 24 hours by using the Settings feature. Install the VP Bank Connect app on your new device and scan your connect code again on it. If necessary, delete the connect token on your old device should you no longer need it.

Can I photograph or scan the connect code to keep it as a digital copy?

We advise you against doing so because your code could end up in the wrong hands. Keep the connect code in a safe place and only use it in connection with the VP Bank Connect app. VP Bank will never ask you to photograph or send the connect code. Any request of this kind raises suspicions of an attempt to commit fraud by a third party.

General advice:

When you receive the connect code, check to see whether the orange envelope is sealed and has not been tampered with.

Note the security instructions provided by the VP Bank Connect app. For example, you will be automatically notified if the connect code is read in on another device.

Keep your connect code in a safe place.

In addition, protect your mobile device with a code or biometric data.

With each login, check that the list of connect tokens you see also meets your expectations. Should you have any doubts about this, please contact VP Bank immediately (eservices@vpbank.com).

What kind of data is stored by the VP Bank Connect app?

The app does not store any of your personal details. It cannot connect to your VP Bank e-banking facility. It can only detect your mobile device and enable a secure connection to VP Bank. The app itself does not store any of your personal details.

Why don't I have to type my code?

The VP Bank Connect app automatically transmits the code, which saves you the effort of typing it manually. This 80-digit code is unique, meaning that a new code is required for each new login.

Is this procedure secure?

Yes it is. The password and VP Bank Connect app are two independent security features. As soon as you log into the client portal with your user name and password, a request will be sent to your VP Bank Connect app. Upon confirmation of this request, an 80-digit code shall be automatically transferred and the login procedure complete.

How long is my connect code valid for?

Your connect card is valid for 24 hours after initial registration and will be deactivated automatically thereafter. Learn here how to reactivate your connect card. It is important that you keep your code in a safe place upon successful registration.



How do I register for eBill?

Log in to the VP Bank client portal as usual. In the client portal you can activate eBill under Payments > Payment orders.

Can I use eBill from different banks at the same time? What do I have to bear in mind?

This is possible as long as both banks are connected to the SIX eBill infrastructure and you use the same e-mail address at both.

I already use eBill. Can I also use my existing eBill user account at VP Bank?

Yes. To link your user account, select that you already use eBill when activating eBill in the VP Bank customer portal.

What does it cost to receive bills with eBill?

Receiving bills with eBill via online banking is free of charge.

From which billers can I receive bills with eBill?

In the eBill area of the VP Bank client portal you can search directly for billers and add them.

How and where do I pay my bills?

From the VP Bank client portal you can access the eBill portal and approve your received invoices.

Are my bills paid automatically?

No. You release the invoices for payment on a specific date. To simplify invoice approval, you can set up standing approvals.

I have approved an invoice but would like to make a change to the payment. Is that possible?

You can still make changes until the final execution of the payment. You can make the changes directly in the VP Bank client portal under Payments > Payment orders.

Can I reject an invoice?

Yes, you can reject an invoice. Please inform the biller directly why you have rejected the bill. Otherwise you may receive a reminder.

I am a biller. How can I send invoices via eBill?

VP Bank recommends the service provider io-Market for billers. Please contact your client advisor to clarify further steps.

Where can I find further information on eBill?

You can find additional information and answers at https://www.ebill.ch/en/faq.html

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