Why VP Bank? Three questions for ...

Two colleagues from Luxembourg answer questions about what it is like to work at VP Bank and what they particularly like about their day-to-day work. The answers are as exciting as they are different.

Anna Björkman Nyrén

Anna Björkman Nyrén is Wealth Planner at VP Bank. The ambition to achieve sustainable solutions tailored to our clients’ real needs and a keen understanding of excellent service are constant sources of inspiration in her daily work.

Anna Björkman Nyrén

Why did you choose VP Bank Luxembourg?

I joined VP Bank (Luxembourg) SA in 2019 as part of the takeover of Catella Bank’s private banking activities. Our expertise and holistic approach in managing Swedish and other Nordic clients in an international environment were highly valued right from the start. We were made to feel very welcome and really appreciated the efforts of our new colleagues to help us settle in. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to join this team.

How would you describe working at VP Bank and in your team?

The Group’s international activities are also reflected in the various departments and teams. With an international platform, we manage clients living abroad or in their country of birth in their native language and with a business culture they are familiar with. Teamwork is an essential part of our success, as is the commitment to providing excellent services to our clients. We maintain a professional working environment and apply a solution-oriented approach, which, ultimately, is also to the benefit of our clients.

What would you like to achieve at VP Bank?

Client satisfaction, as always. The growth of the Swedish team in Luxembourg is also very exciting. We are a strong team with decades of experience in managing Swedish entrepreneurs and HNWIs in a domestic and international environment. Finally, I would like my work to contribute to the success of the Group’s Strategy 2026.

Christoph Müller

Christoph Müller is Head of Private Banking in Luxembourg at VP Bank. The strong team spirit and the variety his role offers motivate Christoph to take on new challenges every day.

Christoph Müller

Why did you choose VP Bank Luxembourg?

When I was given the opportunity to join VP Bank Luxembourg, the decision was a fairly easy one. VP Bank gives me a lot of freedom in how I do my job. Since 2018, I have headed up the Private Banking International team with a focus on German clients, and I really can’t imagine a more varied and interesting job. Every day, I am presented with new and challenging tasks that need to be dealt with quickly and directly. We manage demanding clients with complex requirements. One thing that I find particularly interesting is the regular direct contact with a range of very different people and meeting their vastly different needs.

What do you like most about your work?

What’s really great about working at VP Bank is the unique company culture and the amazing people. There’s a real team spirit and everyone pulls in the same direction. For me, it’s really important that we treat each other fairly and support each other. In my role as Head of Private Banking, I can reach decisions quickly thanks to efficient processes, I have excellent development opportunities, and the company gives me real freedom when it comes to how I carry out my role – these are all things I have really come to value.

What goals would you like to achieve?

I want to make an active contribution to the implementation of our company’s new Strategy 2026. That’s why I am currently fully committed to making sure everyone in the team is pulling in the same direction, motivating them to give their best and, most importantly, delivering effective results. As a manager, I have to make sure my team has a certain degree of freedom, but I also have to lead by example, roll up my sleeves and take responsibility.