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VP Bank publishes its new investment magazine “telescope”

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VP Bank launches its new investment magazine “telescope”. With this magazine, the bank for private clients and intermediaries will be addressing a specific topic and providing in-depth investment expertise. The first issue focuses on the “weakling dollar”.

With the “telescope” magazine, VP Bank turns its investment sights on the future and offers readers new perspectives on investment topics that are set to become relevant only in the years to come. “We focus on the long-term investment horizon and throw light on topics that have not yet appeared on the radar,” says Felix Brill, Chief Investment Officer of VP Bank Group.

Each issue is structured around a key topic, which is analysed from various perspectives by VP Bank's research team. In the first issue it is the development of the US dollar. In addition to analyses and comments on the main subject, the magazine also provides concrete and topic-specific investment ideas. This is supplemented by background reports, along with a high-profile individual discussing their best and worst investments. In the first issue this is the Swiss downhill Olympic champion Dominique Gisin. The magazine will be published every six months in German and English. The circulation is 2500 copies in German and 1000 copies in English, and was sent out to the bank’s clients at the beginning of June.

Focus topic “weakling dollar”

The US dollar has successfully maintained its position as the global reserve currency since the end of the Second World War. Particularly during the first weeks of the Corona crisis, the US dollar was the very model of a vigorous global currency. VP Bank argues, however, that the dollar’s current strength represents a final surge at the end of a multi-year dollar cycle. “The term ‘weakling dollar’ may seem strange, but there are several good reasons why the dollar is facing tougher times ahead,” says Chief Investment Officer Felix Brill. The impending period of weakness does not, however, mean that the Greenback will lose its status as the most important global currency.

Are you interested in "telescope"? Here is the download.

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