Portfolio Check

You choose the right ingredients day-to-day. What’s the situation with your portfolio?

In everyday life, you know exactly what ingredients you need to prepare a delicious meal. But how are things looking with your portfolio? Are you sure it contains the right ingredients to reach your financial goals?

The quality of the ingredients affects the taste of a dish – and, similarly, the composition of your portfolio has a huge impact on your financial success in the long run. You need to take a careful look at your portfolio if you want to optimise your investments and grow your assets. Our portfolio check helps you take your portfolio to the next level.

Align portfolio strategically

Recent economic trends call for a critical evaluation of your assets. While the Eurozone has already been plunged into a recession, with the USA likely to follow in short order, the financial markets are still dreaming of a slowdown in economic growth without a recession. However, we’re keeping our feet on the ground by turning to facts and comparable events in the past.

Our strategy is clear: we continue to hold bonds, as before, and take a cautious approach towards equities. Instead of banking on hope, we rely on sound analyses and reliable data. We are noticing the signs of an imminent economic slowdown, with a drop in business lending, companies’ reticence to invest and worsening prospects for private consumption.

At the same time, we are keeping a close eye on the central banks’ activities as regards inflation. If the economy does slow down, they can only stimulate it with a certain delay – if at all. Challenging months and quarters lie ahead, and investors need to be ready for surprises at any time.

We don’t bank on hope: instead, we turn to facts and comparable events in the past.

Dr. Felix Brill Chief Investment Officer

Take this opportunity to review your portfolio

What happens if the market sentiment changes swiftly? Do you have equities or corporate bonds in your portfolio that would be placed particularly at risk by this? How well-distributed are your assets across various asset classes with different features? Do your current portfolio positions satisfy your personal sustainability requirements?

Let’s work together to discover whether your portfolio contains the right ingredients for reaching your financial goals. Contact us today to arrange a portfolio check. Your financial future is in your hands!



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